Electric Comic is a webcomic of humor, intellect, and prestigious distinction; an exploration of science, love, and the human experience.

Electric Comic is meant to be funny. It is a webcomic done strictly for fun… in other words… we are very serious about being silly. The staff would like you to enjoy yourself and we will force you to, as soon as the technology becomes available.

We here at Electric Comic are all working out of a van in the middle of the desert. We have lost all contact with so-called “normal” people and have established contact with beings from the fifth dimension. The lead artist was born deep in the arctic tundra thousands of years ago. He is believed to have entered modern society some time in the mid-eighties, after having been released from an insane asylum.

If you have reached this site on a “text-only” browser, good luck to you. I hope you have a good imagination!

We apologize for any inconveniences.

The Authors

Ashley Gernak